By reinterpreting classic men’s fashion in a "Smart Casual" line, LACİVERT GİYİM creates its own style with an inspiration from the Bosphorus in Istanbul and the most constant color in men’s color palette: Dark Blue. LACİVERT GİYİM reinterprets its perfectionism about "fabric" and "stitch" inherited from its history together with the current fashion trends in such a way that it sets its signature under the impressive collections that meet the expectations of today's urban men.

Since it was found in 1972 in a tailor shop in Istanbul until today, LACİVERT GİYİM has expanded its vision by following up the men's fashion developments closely and has created its own designs and line a menswear brand over the time. With its innovative approach in colors and fabrics, LACİVERT GİYİM has created its pioneer identity in the sector and has strengthened its brand identity each day through the modern men silhouettes it has introduced in parallel with the emerging fashion trends.

In creating its collections, LACİVERT GİYİM uses the classic codes of menswear as reference. It reconstructs the collections with different styles, taking into consideration the people who look like adopting the formal style but indeed prefer dressing up comfortable at every moment of life. LACİVERT GİYİM creates a serious, stylish and "elegant" men silhouette with its two and three-piece suits and it balances this formal style with its jackets combined with pants in a more sporty line.

LACİVERT GİYİM creates its collections with carefully selected valuable fabrics, produces using a method that combines the modern machines with artisan, tailor-made meticulousness in its tradition, and then performs the strict quality control in the same meticulous way before offering its products to its customers.

LACİVERT GİYİM is sold in 26 countries in the world. It uses many different patterns and models in its collections created especially for these countries with different styles. As LACİVERT GİYİM performs the design as well as the production internally, it has a very flexible structure about the “pricing”, especially in the international markets. It reaches a very wide audience through this reasonable price strategy.

Aiming the perfection, LACİVERT GİYİM continues creating elegant men silhouettes by combining the quality fabrics with an attentive craftsmanship…